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Update: December 12, 2000 from Lucas

Just a quick update to let you know about Piggy's final events! On Friday, Dec. 15 is the date of the last all-ages show. It'll be at everyone's favourite all-ages venue, the Pavillion, and will feature entertainment from The Great Giffoni, the 4-Man Grindcore Hillbilly Orchestra, Confidence Band, films by our beloved Helen Hill, and, of course, Piggy! The show starts at 8:00 sharp, so don't be late. The last Piggy show ever will be held at the Marquee on Sunday, December 17. Opening acts are Dusty Sorbet (who helped record our new CD!), longtime Piggy special guest Al Tuck, and A/V, featuring Phillip Clark, who also helped record our new album, and Selwyn Sharples, brother of our former trombone player extrodinaire, Rosie. And guess what - all four bands will have new albums for you to buy! That's right, our CD is all done and has been sent away to be printed. If we're lucky, we'll have some copies on hand for you to pick up our last shows! But if you miss us, the CD will be available at local record stores, as well as through all of your favourite Piggy members. Have fun at the shows, and remember - Don't Stop the Calypso!!

Update: November 20, 2000 from Lucas

Piggy has been busy this past week! In addition to practicing and playing an all-ages benefit show at the Pavillion for Food Not Bombs and the Unidentified Food Organization, we've also spent three days in the studio recording a new album! Recording took place on Thursday, Saturday and Sunday, and with help from the great people at Soundmarket we were able to record the whole album from start to finish in those three days. The record features all new songs, suprises, and special guests! If you want to pre-order you can contact us through email at , through No Records Distribution's website, or by sendng a letter to: Piggy! The Calypso Orchestra of the Maritimes
5515 Falkland Street
Halifax, Nova Scotia

There's still a lot of work to do on the album, but we hope to have it out as soon as possible. We'll keep you posted!

Update: August 9, 2000 from Paul and Lucas

Here is some important information for you, fellow calypsonians!!

Our new CD Don't Stop the Calypso has 23 big hits, and has been played on campus and community radio stations all around Canada! You can get a hold of one for $10 (cheap) -- music for the people, as we say!!

You can get it directly from us at:

5515 Falkland Street
Halifax, Nova Scotia

You can buy it on this new Internet thing:

Go to the norecordstore website!

or in HMV or Sam the Record Man in most places.

We have played some good shows lately. At the new punk rock skate park in Halifax (T.K.O) and at Rod and Tara's wedding in Lower Bedeque, Prince Edward Island, where we got the little children and the grandparents squaredancing up a storm!

Look out for more!


Update: April 18, 2000, from Lucas

Well, I think the Muchmusic interview turned out pretty nicely. It was great to see Becka's video, and I was suprised that the three or four words I managed to blurt out actually made it to air! If you missed the video, then stay tuned here - I'll try to have it up on the site within the next couple weeks (after I finish the approximately one million other things that I have to do...).

Piggy played the Limbs and Lights benefit last Friday (April 14) here in Halifax, supporting a program to help landmine victims in Nicaragua. I couldn't make it to the show due to a prior engagement, but Matt (our keyboard player) told me that a good time was had by all.

Our next scheduled appearance (at least the next one that I know about) is at the NSCAD graduation, on Saturday, April 29. So if you want to see us, you'll have to talk to someone who's graduating! I'll be in Montreal from this Friday until next Friday (I'm flying back for the show!), so the site probably won't be updated again this month, but I'll still be checking our email ( And if you're at the Plumtree show in Montreal on the 26th, say hi to the tall guy with the curly hair!

Update: April 6, 2000, from Lucas (the clarinet player)

Piggy on MuchMusic April 16!
Last night (Wednesday, April 5) Piggy was interviewed by Mike Campbell for MuchEast! The interview took place in Paul's kitchen (our usual practice space), and there were seven or eight band members in attendance, including Rosabella, Paul and Helen's new pet pig! So tune in to MuchEast on MuchMusic on Sunday, April 16 to see the interview and our latest video, "Gottingen Street"! (directed by Becka Barker) MuchEast is on at midnight Atlantic time (which is 8pm Pacific, and 11pm Eastern).

New email address!
Want to send us some mail? Our new email address is:
We'd love to hear from you!

Old news from Paul:

We've just released our first CD, entitled "Don't Stop the Calypso"! On Cinnamon Toast Records, straight outta Halifax, Nova Scotia to you.

Very exciting photographs of Piggy, the Calypso Orchestra can soon be seen here!

You'll also be able to LISTEN to our militant calypso anthems, right here!

So keep your eyes and ears pealed!